The food industry is constantly evolving and has grown manifolds over the years. In order to provide continuous supply of chicken to Hamza Food, we have set up our own poultry farm for the production. Sufi’s Umar Poultry Mills division breeds chickens as well as sell packaged and frozen poultry products.

It is an independent source of chicken supply to meet full capacity required for the processing unit which is conducive to sanitary and safe handling. Catering to the state of art storage environments, Umar poultry mills undoubtedly serves the largest consumers.

Offering fresh and frozen products with the right packaging, Sufi has made its name in the industry. We have been supplying poultry products which are naturally the best and have an irresistible flavor for a sumptuous food. Just delicious, nutritious, juicy, wholesome, good chicken!

We approach every step of the business with the same commitment to quality, purity and trust that you have come to expect of our products. Sufi premium quality chickens are raised with utmost commitment and care.


Karahi Cut
Make a scrumptious Karahi with Simply Sufi special Karahi cut chicken. Buying premium chicken to suit your everyday needs has never been so easy.
Boneless Thigh
Use a whole thigh for grilled chicken or roast it in the oven, with Simply Sufi Boneless Thigh options are limitless. Boneless Thigh with skin adds the richness to your dishes.
Skinless Boneless Thigh
Use a whole thigh for grilled chicken or roast it in the oven, with Simply Sufi Skinless Boneless Thigh options are limitless. Great for the grill or oven roasting.
Boneless Handi
Make premium boneless chicken handi with Simply Sufi for your loved ones the easy way or use it in a variety of International cuisines such as Chinese, Italian or Mexican.
Breast Fillet
Use the Simply Sufi premium breast fillet in recipes from all around the world and show the world your culinary skills. Great for hearty sandwiches that you can serve to your family.
Premium Qeema
With Simply Sufi Premium Qeema make finest quality dishes from kababs and gravies to pies and spring rolls. Options are limitless.