“Simply Sufi” is the latest achievement of Sufi Group of Companies in introducing International standards, premium quality chicken products in Pakistan. Simply Sufi has two core elements – ‘Simply’ and ‘Sufi’. ’Simply’ means absolutely, clearly, purely and ‘Sufi’ refers to the parent brand of the group which stands for quality, purity and trust. Together they produce a beautiful meaning-Simply Pure, which is exactly what we offer our consumers – a range of healthy, nutritious and delicious chicken products!

Simply Sufi is a range of pure, healthy and delicious ready-to-cook and ready –to- eat meals. Simply Sufi stands for the same value system that has made the 60-year old Sufi Group of Companies synonymous with hygienic and pure meals.

Ready to Cook
Ready to cook meals is the epitome of cooking which have revolutionized the ways of kitchen essentials. With instant cooking, one does not need to remember recipes, worry about taste and of all saves time. Simply Sufi offers a wide range of meal mixes that serve delicious and maintain nutrition benefits.

Badami Kofta
Enjoy the rich heritage of Mughlai food in your home with Simply Sufi Badami Kofta. It comes with the additional health benefits of Saffron which is a good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium which helps in

  • Controlling heart rate and blood pressure
  • Red Blood cell production
  • Alleviating gastric problems, insulin resistance, depression, insomnia and anxiety

Just prepare your choice of gravy and add Simply Sufi Badami Kofta to enjoy restaurant-quality dish at home.

Chicken rollers
Introducing for the first time ever in Pakistan, this multi-purpose product can be used in various ways: twist it, toss it, wrap it and gulp it! Our chicken rollers are a hearty mix of chicken and spices, surrounded by a crisp, flaky crust made from wheat flour. The result is a great taste that you won’t forget. The perfect comfort food at your nearest store is waiting for you.

Chicken Fries
These flavorful European style chicken fries provide great taste in a healthy package. These juicy chicken fries are loaded with flavor and are crisp, natural and delicious!

Chicken Nuggets
Looking for a healthy chicken nugget that also tastes great?
Try Simply Sufi Chicken Nuggets that are made from international quality ingredients and are free of chemical preservatives and fillers. We only use chicken thigh and breast meat in our nuggets, which are coated with a light, tempura style breading. Careful, the smell of freshly fried nuggets is sure to attract!

Burger Patties
Tired of the burger patties available in the market? Want to try something new and crispy? We serve the perfect, juiciest, crispiest, breaded chicken burger patty that has an international taste. After all, great food brings great memories. Like burgers! Fire up the wok and cook up some fast food goodness. Simply Sufi frozen chicken products are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and preservatives.

Chicken Poppers
Juicy, crunchy, moist and fluffy-using some awesome spices, Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers are bound to be an instant hit with the family. Eat them around the dinner table, or grab a few on the go. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one-take our word for it!

Chicken Tenders
From freezer to fryer in a few seconds, these crispy delicious tenders will please your craving for fried goodies in a flavorful, elegant, appetizing way.

Chicken Wings
Try the scrumptious Simply Sufi chicken wings and forget the rest. The wings have been specially developed taking care of Asian style buds so that you can enjoy the spicy flavor.

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