Quality assurance and customer satisfaction remain the core values of Hamza Foods Pvt Ltd, and will be the driving force for all future initiatives. We provide customers with international quality chicken products that are nutritious, flavorful and healthy. Sufi Space Nuggets deliver satisfaction and quality assurance to our consumers and engage in continuous efforts to explore new horizons in our business. Simply Sufi premium quality chickens are raised with utmost commitment and care; no shortcuts, no compromises. It is just delicious, nutritious, juicy and wholesome good chicken.

This yummy brand has been designed especially for our young generation. It promises exciting new surprises for kids which are nutritious and wholesome. Stringent measures have been taken to ensure that a healthy, nutritious product is brought forth that is safe for kids and convenient for their mothers. Go and grab your pack now for a truly out of the world experience for your taste buds!