Nourishing lives through decades, Sufi has come a long way in delivering home care products. These products have been enriching their consumers in their daily lives. A range of innovative products are offered to keep your home and utensils clean and pure. With perfect formulations, Sufi gives an impeccable washing experience with least efforts. We carefully develop solutions to ensure cleanliness, protect fabrics and breakthrough stain remover.

Hadayat Soap & Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Limited, one of the companies of Sufi group has a complete range of products with amazing cleaning power. Since decades, every household has been using our products as they are developed to suit their washing needs. Removing all stains and germs, our products deliver a high level of trust with the consumer bringing in quality, cleanliness and germ-free surroundings with least efforts.

Today, Sufi is offering a portfolio of various detergents and dishwashers that gives you a wide range of options to choose from the best quality cleaning performance, no matter what your needs are. We have been constantly evolving with the changing needs of home makers helping delivering the best cleaning range.

Sufi Home Care

  1. Sufi Brown Soap
  2. Sufi DarjaAwal Soap
  3. Sufi Soap
  4. Sufi Vermicelli
  5. Sufi Mini
  6. Sufi Safon Dishwasher