Sufi group

For over 50 years, we have been standing strong, evolving the quality of life for millions and sharing lives together with the best quality products. Achieving leadership strata in the industry with 11 major business units involving 2000 plus employees we serve a gamut of products in industries like Homecare, personal care, Food and beverage. With sheer determination, hard work and strict adherence to maintaining world class quality, all our products have found a special place in hearts and minds of consumers.

Founded by HadayatUllah Sufi in 1952, we have created a strong and trusted brand with products like Simply Sufi, banaspati ghee, dish bar being our flagship trophies of care. Our products are a part of daily lives and have been widely accepted by millions of families. We have always been investing in a healthier future which keeps encouraging Sufi to deliver quality products. We believe in making lives better, making you feel good and offering products which are value for money.

From decades, Sufi Group has been consistently enriching lives with its quality, purity and trust. Sufi has qualified as a Super Brand and is among the crème de la crème of the most highly regarded brands of Pakistan. Over the years, the company achieved numerous milestones such as nationwide distribution network coverage, introduced a wide range of products in the edible oil industry and received a certification of ISO9001:2008.

Sufi Group has championed customer satisfaction to emerge as the top market leader with its products in

  • Home Care – Detergents/Dishwashers
  • Food & Beverage – Processed Food/Retail/Edible oils/Mineral Water/Aerated Drinks
  • Personal Care – Soap
  • Poultry

Sufi touches everyone’s daily life with products that exhibit the company’s core values through their quality. We run a hospital especially for the underprivileged by creating a difference in people’s lives. The company aspires to forever transform the business of consumer goods, making consumption affordable for all customer segments. Continuing a sustainable growth Sufi currently dominates in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and plans exports to Middle East and GCC countries with its operations in Lahore, Punjab.