Being part of the change and the change-makers, we believe in increasing our footprint by building on the consumers’ trust. To provide purity, quality and trust we engage in maintaining positive outlook towards business ethics. Creating a small difference in people’s lives with our products that care, it brings in satisfaction and confidence to be progressive at work. Over the years, these values have endured and passed to generations that have stood strong throughout the group. Our products combined with international expertise inspire us to improve at every step and be a leader in the marketplace. Since the consumers have made us the leaders, we have never stopped.

Hard work combined with honesty never goes unrewarded. As the pioneer group of industries in Pakistan, Sufi Soap was established on a small scale in 1952. Since its inception, we at Sufi Group have remained convinced that any industrial concern which fails to adopt new technological changes and makes compromises on quality is bound to fail in the long run.

Since inception we have followed these principles which have helped us to maintain our competitive edge in the market place:-

  • Maintenance of high quality of our products, under all circumstances.
  • Timely adoption of new technological and management developments.
  • Timely action to ensure maximum benefits from available opportunities.