Over a period of time, by the grace of God, our company has celebrated remarkable growth and commendable successes. The victories that continue to come our way have maintained our high ambitions and undeterred passions. Our leadership team aims to stand strong and united in our promise of bringing quality and satisfaction in your hearts.

Hadayat Ullah Sufi (Late)
Chairman Sufi Group

A story of determination
The name of Hadayat Ullah Sufi, Chairman Sufi Group, can be counted among those determined and courageous people who constitute a true national asset for any progressive company. He was born in Amritsar (India) in 1933. Because of their religious background the family members were called ‘Sufi’ as a mark of respect. Hadayat Ullah Sufi was a teenager when he had to migrate with his family to Pakistan in 1947. The journey from Amritsar to Walton Refugee Camp in Lahore was completed under extremely dangerous and difficult circumstances. Finally his father, Habib Ullah Sufi, found a permanent place for family to settle down at PremGali located in front of Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore. In spite of the inevitable initial difficulties of settling down in a new city in newly created country, Hadayat Ullah Sufi was able to establish the production of soap, under the guidance of his father at the tender age of only 20 years.

In view of the ongoing for industrial development in Pakistan and the changing industrial environment, Hadayat Ullah Sufi made a very important policy decision in 1968. He announced the change from the traditional manual production of soap for local consumption to the establishment of a large-scale modern soap production plant. The decision was not easy as it required a man of vision and strong determination to stay competitive amongst the dynamic industrial developments.

Hadayat Ullah Sufi laid the principles of maintaining quality and competitive price for each and every product under all circumstances. All product qualities advertised must be absolutely true. He was convinced that nothing is more important for success than maintaining consumer’s confidence in Sufi products. Far sighted, determined and possessing ability to take difficult decisions, Hadayat Ullah Sufi is rightly proud of the numerous achievements attained by Sufi Group under his able guidance. He wishes to see Sufi Group achieve higher goals. He is confident that the second and third generation family members of his team of executives would succeed in achieving even higher goals through constant hard work and by maintaining the tradition of high quality of Sufi products.

Hadayat Ullah Sufi has established Sufi Group on very sound foundations. The Group is now counted amongst the most prominent industrial establishments of Pakistan. He considered his industrial workers as his most precious assets and worked tirelessly with them to look after their families and solve their problems.

Tariq Ullah Sufi
Although the credit of the establishment of new industries after the creation of Pakistan goes to elders, the role played by the young generations have also made enormous contribution to the phenomenal progress achieved by the Sufi Group. Tariq Ullah Sufi is the elder son of Hadayat Ullah Sufi. He was born in Lahore. He got his intermediate education from Government Islamia College, Civil Lines and then completed B.Com Degree from Healy College University of Punjab Lahore.

He joined Sufi Group in 1978 and started to reorganize the group on modern progressive lines. In order to achieve this objective he went to Italy and finalized the agreement for the purchase of soap plant. During this process, Tariq Sufi also engaged himself in in-depth study of all aspects of the soap plant machinery, plant working methodology, production methods and new features of plants. He believed that in order to achieve maximum benefits, recovery of by-products is imperative. After completion of glycerin plant project, Tariq Sufi organized the marketing and sales of glycerin. As a result of these endeavors, glycerin has emerged as a prominent product among the Sufi Group’s by-products.

After the completion of these projects, Tariq Sufi decided to join Banaspati Ghee and Cooking Oils industry. He decided to acquire fully automatic state of the art plant. This involved intensive research of available plants around the world. After the plant was finally selected and acquired he established Hamza Vegetable Oil Refinery & Ghee Mills.

Tariq Sufi is also a prominent member of PVMA and remains busy trying to find solutions for various problems faced by the ghee industry. Besides participating in various conferences and seminars in Pakistan, he also represents Pakistan in various meetings of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

Khalid Hadayat Sufi
Khalid Hadayat Sufi is the Head of Sufi Group’s Soap and Detergents Operations. He is soft-spoken and very enthusiastic to seek new developments. After completing his education from Muslim High School & Islamia College, Civil Lines Lahore he studied latest sales and marketing techniques in England. He joined Sufi Group of Industries in 1991 after his return to Pakistan. By this time volume of Sufi Group’s production had increased significantly and distribution network had also expanded considerably. In order to better address the situation Khalid Sufi formulated new policies for the sales and marketing of soap to streamline these functions and bring them in line with standard practices adopted by well established companies in Pakistan.

He also initiated a formal research to promote and expand the market share for Sufi products. As a result of these actions the sales of Sufi Soap witnessed phenomenal increase, dealership network recorded significant expansion and the availability of Sufi soap all over Pakistan was assured. He also toured China and Europe to get hands on information on the latest technology and research for detergents industry.

In addition to providing high quality products, Khalid Sufi also initiated several sales promotion schemes in order to provide direct benefits to consumers. These promotional schemes were appreciated by all segments of the market and research studies rated these schemes to be better than those of the competitors’. Khalid Sufi has achieved significant success in acquiring state of the art soap industrial machinery and increasing the market share of its products all over Pakistan and is busy with new efforts to achieve further success in future.

Tanvir Ahmad Sufi
Tanvir Ahmad Sufi believes in the paramount importance of time management for achieving success in any business venture. Adopting it in his exceptionally busy life has helped him to cope with his numerous duties and responsibilities as a Director of Sufi Group. He was born in Amritsar (India) in 1946. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947 his parents migrated to Lahore. He studied at Muslim High School, Islamia College Railway Road and Islamia College Civil Lines to complete his graduation degree and soon after joined Sufi Group in 1968. This was the period when the first Italian Soap Plant was under the final stages of installation and Sufi Group was in the process of adopting new organizational setup. The decision to shift from limited soap production for local consumption based on traditional manual methods to modern soap industry that would serve all regions of Pakistan was difficult and required strong nerves to cope with the daily challenges.

As soon as the installation of the first plant was completed Tanvir Ahmad Sufi was made responsible for assignments including, import of raw materials, dealing with banks and other financial institutions, dealing with affaires related to various government departments and development of marketing strategies.

At present, he is a very active member and holder of various official positions in the Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association. He remains busy trying to find solutions to various problems faced by the soap industry in Pakistan. Tanvir Sufi is also a member of the Standing Committee for Press, Media and Customs of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also a member of the USA Business Council.

On the Government level he participates as a member of the various committees formed for the preparation of the annual national budget. Besides this he also attends Tariff Review Committee meetings. Tanveer Sufi also has the honor of representing the association in the Commerce Ministry’s National Tariff Commission. He has visited Malaysia several times on the invitation of Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Board where he presented the various proposals to solve the problems faced by the industry in Pakistan concerning palm oil & it’s various products. Tanvir Sufi is very well known in the national & international circles for presenting solutions for industry problems.

Hamza Tariq Sufi
Visionary Leader

Hamza, the next generation visionary leader, completed his education from Beaconhouse School Lahore. He then went to Government College to do his inter mediate and there of went to UK to complete his Bachelors. He opted to focus on strategy and thus he chose prestigious Warwick University to pursue Masters in Strategy management. He has also been a part of LSE (UK) and INSEAD professional development courses and is well equipped to steer the business in the right direction. Under him the successful ‘Simply Sufi’ has been launched and running successfully in a rather short span of time. Simply Sufi is an extension of the current line of businesses at Sufi Group of Industries as they strongly believe to work in the scope of their real business.

“We at Sufi strongly believe that the customer is the King or Queen. The aim is simply to give maximum benefit to the customer. For example, our competitive Ramzan deals are the best offerings to our customers. In addition to that, our loyalty program under ‘Simply Sufi’ gives customers excellent benefits including up to 7% discount. On spending at our outlets customer earns points which can help them redeem our products”

Hamza is a strong supporter of following a strategy of success and a plan which he has seen over the years at his company. He expresses message of hope and is hopeful for great things to come in future. Pakistan is the land which has given him the platform where they are today. The new generation visionary leader does not only aim to establish and stronghold in Pakistan but instead he sees a very bright future for Sufi Group of Companies. He has established set up in Dubai to take quality products of Sufi Group to international market and establish a presence in Middle East and GCC countries.

Faisal Shahzad Sufi

Faisal Shahzad Sufi studied at the Beacon House School & later obtained B.Sc degree from the Govt College Lahore. He also obtained M.Sc in Information Technology degree from a famous institution in Lahore. He developed interest in the production side. He started his production career in the production unit of Hadayat Soap Industries. At present he is in-charge of the detergent category in the factory.